Magic 555 All Surface Cleaner & Glass Cleaner


Description: Magic 555 All Surface Cleaner & Glass Cleaner safely and thoroughly performs all cleaning applications including removal of heavy grease and soil from floors, walls, woodwork, cabinets, leatherette upholstery, light fixtures, Venetian blinds, desks, office equipment, glass, etc. leaving surface sparkling clean and no residual film. Works equally well in hard or soft, hot or cold water.

Contains no hazardous chemicals
100% biodegradable
Human Safe - not irritating to normal skin
No caution label

Versatile product cleans wide variety of stains and spots
Easy application spray- rub and clean with water
Mixes easily with hard & soft water
Safe to humans and environment
Unlimited shelf life
Material safe
Meets optimum biodegradability and all U.S.D.A. standards

Ships in two (2) 2.5 gallons containers per box

Magic 555 All Surface Cleaner & Glass Cleaner
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