MAGIC 555 Industrial Degreaser & Cleaner

Description: MAGIC 555 INDUSTRIAL DEGREASER & CLEANER is tough on grease, grime and oil. It penetrates and breaks-up oil, grease, dirt and has a unique power of lifting and separating from the soil surface. P&Ds MAGIC 555 Industrial Degreaser & Cleaner is ideal for industrial machine cleaning and general maintenance cleaning. MAGIC 555 Industrial Degreaser & Cleaner delivers effective results without the use of any Harsh Chemicals like caustics, acids, enzymes or solvents. Unlike other petroleum based or Caustic/acid base Cleaner, MAGIC 555 Industrial Degreaser & Cleaner eliminates worker safety problems and the hazards associated with the storage or disposal.

No volatile or toxic vapors
Hard & Soft water soluble
No hazardous solvents
100% Biodegradable
Effective as solvent without personnel, environmental and regulatory concerns. Concentrated - use full strength for the toughest jobs, dilute for cost effectiveness Human Safe - Non-irritating to normal skin.
No Caution Labels

Tough on Grease, grime and stubborn soil
EPA compliant with no VOCs
Contains no Hazardous Chemicals
No fumes or harmful vapors
Water soluble, easy to use and store
No damage to equipment, machinery or any painted surface


Application - Simple & Easy: Apply MAGIC 555 Industrial Degreaser & Cleaner on the surface area to be cleaned, then rub gently back & forth with a cloth or brush depending upon the area to be cleaned. For best results use recommended water dilution ratio for the application. Then wash with water as normal.

Application and Dilution Ratio

Application Water - Magic555
Heavy Soil Full Strength
Light Soil 3 - 1
Ventilator Hood Cleaner 2 - 1
Machine & Metal Parts 5 - 1
General Shop Cleaning 2 - 1
Light degreasing &
spot & stain removing
4 - 1
Oil & Fuel Cleanup 2 - 1
Equipment & Engine Cleaner 5 - 1
Floor cleaning 10- 1
Plastics/Vinyl etc cleaning 10- 1
High Pressure Cleaning 30- 1


MAGIC 555 Industrial Degreaser & Cleaner
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